500 Days

I remember it pretty clearly, walking out one day with my boss and the question from him was basically… “Are we really going to lock this place down for this?”. We of coarse did…as much as we could as we still had to keep the lights on. We went down to essential staffing and for the most part, I’ve been working from home for 500 days total. This isn’t all work days, this is actual calendar days since 3/17/2020 when I started the lock down.

2021 - Year of Health Check-in

In case you missed it at the beginning of the year, for me, this is the year of health. As usual, this is my mid year check-in to see how I am progressing. What did we want to see again? In case you don’t want to go back and read the article, there were a few things that I wanted to see improved. The great thing about a theme is you are not necessarily locked into improving certain metrics by making a certain number.

A brief outage

Well, it had to happen at some point. My first outage since moving my website to <a hre"https://www.linode.com/?r=31b44f454740d06a1014351fded0ede51d25fa33" :target="_blank">linode happened last week. Here is a little bit of what happened and how I recovered. What Happened? Usually when I check into a server while doing whatever is on the todo list for the day, I will also check if anything needs to be updated. This time, there were a lot of updates so it looks it must be a new version of CentOS.

2021 - WWDC Predictions

OK, predictions might be a stretch. But here are a few things that I’d like to see in the WWDC happening this week! iOS Predictions Last year was the year of the widgets in iOS. They were a hit for being customizable, being able to do certain tasks that would present information to you. This year, I think its time to take that next step in the evolution and have them become much more interactive.

When does your calendar start?

I can’t recall what podcast that I was listening to, most likely one of the relay.fm ones and most likely Analog(ue). The discussion came around to, what day do you consider the start of the week. US calendars typically will have Sunday as the first day of the week. This seems silly as Sunday is the day of rest. Sunday is part of the weekEND. So why would you start the week with Sunday?