Git Repo renaming

I’ll fully admit, I’m a little behind the times here in getting my repos renamed. This started back in 2020 and many companies made the switch to remove references to master/slave setups of databases and master repos in git This was much needed change in the tech industry and one that I fully welcome. This also meant, I have had some work to do in cleaning up my github repos both public and private branches.

Fitness+ Reactions

How did we get here? Recently I purchased a new apple watch which gave me an added benefit of 3 months of fitness+. The timing of this couldn’t be better with the watch coming in at the end of 2020 and the long winter here in the midwest settling in. Long runs outside would be on hold for a bit so what better way to spend some lunches than with some yoga or HIIT workouts.

New Role

What would you say you do here?

What would you say you do here?

For the past seven years, when people have asked what do I do for work? The answer was either, “I run data centers for Facebook” or if they wanted some additional detail, “I handle the care and feeding of the server fleet”.

Both of these were true and very high level. I have been responsible for Facebook’s Altoona Iowa Data Center on the Site Operations Team. I’m a server nerd at heart and make sure that Facebook, Instagram and the other properties can be served up to connect the world. This is a challenging position and one that requires technical skill, strong partnership and influencing skills, and to build out a great team to be truly successful in what we do.

2021 - Year of Health

The Theme System In case you have missed it in the past, I’ve decided to switch from the usual goals for a year to a theme. Sure there are some measurement or ideas on where I would like something to go. But this is more about making choices and having some momentum towards a certain change in my life that I’d like to make. If you would like more on setting a theme for a year or season, I suggest you check out The Theme System or watch this quick video from their page:

2020 Goals Review

I think it goes without saying, this year has been a dumpster fire on so many levels. Everyone has challenges and I’m not going to get into the muck and mire of who had it worse. Let’s chalk this one up to, we survived, let’s not do that again! So let’s see how we did! Theme results This was the year of renovation. I had some general ideas of things I wanted to accomplish.