2020 Goals Review

I think it goes without saying, this year has been a dumpster fire on so many levels. Everyone has challenges and I’m not going to get into the muck and mire of who had it worse. Let’s chalk this one up to, we survived, let’s not do that again! So let’s see how we did! Theme results This was the year of renovation. I had some general ideas of things I wanted to accomplish.

2020 Mid Year Checkin

What a freaking year this has been. Shit show might be the better term for it. Pandemic, conspiracy theories, race riots, and its an election year. Every time I think it can’t get any worse, somehow the shit show gets renewed for another month. But as with tradition, its time for the mid year checkin on the annual goals and this year, theme. Theme update The theme we’ll address first.

2020 - Year of Renovation

I’ve been a listener of several shows on Relay.fm for a while now but finally got around to checking out Cortex. One of the big things that they do on the show for the past several years are themes. They are not goals or resolutions, but more things you want to do in a certain amount of time frame. Some are yearly but not necessarily starting on January 1st. Check out episode 95 to get some background on it and the types of themes that they take on.

2020 Goals

Feels like the same type of thing happening again this year as last year. Reviews galore at work and a lot of self reflection on how things went. Time to put into words what I want to work on personally over 2020. Let’s start the decade off right. Get nutrition back in check - This is really a weight goal that I have for this, but this has been going on for far too long.

2019 Goals Review

Its that time of the year again. Let’s see how I ended up the year on my goals. I think its important to both list out the successes, and failures, publicly. Its about accountability and I think a little transparency helps people understand some of the struggles that we all have and how we are trying to make ourselves better. So let’s get started. Drop the next 10 lbs - FAIL!