Long Nights

Hockey Players in commercials are usually a recipe for some shenanigans. Joe Thornton and P.K. Subban did not disappoint. Check out the latest Apple iPhone 14 commercial that debuted in Canada during the Super Bowl.

What I'm listening to...February 2023 edition

I’ve been meaning to put out some posts on what I’m listening to and enjoying. Some of these have been in the queue for a while so they are a bit dated. Some are very recent. Sit back, take a listen and enjoy something that maybe you haven’t seen or heard.

What are you listening to?

2023 - Year of Structure

The Theme System In case you have missed it in the past, I’ve decided to switch from the usual goals for a year to a theme. Sure there are some measurement or ideas on where I would like something to go. But this is more about making choices and having some momentum towards a certain change in my life that I’d like to make. If you would like more on setting a theme for a year or season, I suggest you check out The Theme System or watch this quick video from their page:

2022 - Year of Experience Review

In case you missed it at the beginning of the year, for me, this is the year of experience. As usual, this the end of the year review to see how we did. What did we want to see again? The goal here was to try new things, be present in the things that we were involved in. Cut the crap out of the life as much as possible. Make some improvements and experience more of life.


It is just another day. But I’ve officially passed the 46th trip around the sun.