About Me

This blog was relaunched in 2008 as a place where I could talk about the various things that I have learned both inside and out of the tech industry.

There really isn’t a point to this blog. It is mainly my ramblings and the technical information that I find interesting and wish to share with the world. If you find it interesting, good for you. If not, I’m sure there are better places for you to spend your time.


I’m a programmer by trade. I have worked for several companies of varying sizes. One very large and then one smaller startup that kept me up late and working some long hours. But they were fun and I learned a lot. Currently I call Facebook my home where I work as a Data Center Operations Manager which involves the care and feeding of the server fleet.

Hire Me!

I’m available for contract work as I attempt to move my side business into my primary business. If you are looking for a programmer for hire, I’m currently available for some off hours work. I mainly focus on web development with PHP but iPhone development and a lot of other languages are all possibilities.

Awards and Certifications


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About Matt Patterson
Husband, Father of 3, Programmer at heart, spends his days running ridiculously large data centers in the midwest.