2023 - Year of Structure

The Theme System

In case you have missed it in the past, I’ve decided to switch from the usual goals for a year to a theme. Sure there are some measurement or ideas on where I would like something to go. But this is more about making choices and having some momentum towards a certain change in my life that I’d like to make. If you would like more on setting a theme for a year or season, I suggest you check out The Theme System or watch this quick video from their page:


2023 - Year of Structure

Didn’t one of the guys that came up with the theme system do this last year? Yes, yes he did. I had been going back and forth on what I wanted to name this one. But this one kept floating to the top. I think it makes the most sense in the end. There are some personal and professional things that I want to see come to life and the only way that happens is with some organization, discipline and structure in my life. I don’t want to say that my life is not organized though it would be easy with 3 boys that can tear the place apart in no time. But there are habits, experiences and things that I want to change that will only happen with the right foundation being put in place. This is the year to do that.

This is also the year to not have some structure at certain times. Time for play and creativity.

What got me here?

Over the past year, with challenging projects, team growth and realizing that I was borderline from being burnt out (this is an ongoing problem). I realized that I could not keep going on like this. My new boss put it to me bluntly. “You are either going to burn out or leave the team”. He’s not wrong, but I also told him I had my stress in check. I’ve had a child undergo heart surgery at 3 months of age, that’s real fucking stress. Crazy work is nothing.

But, my health has declined. I’m not getting any younger and my kids are growing too quickly. I don’t want to miss out so I need to have a better way of balancing my time and making sure that I can attend the important things. This job is also pretty important as the sole bread winner and a child with special needs that has been in the hospital each winter for a variety of respiratory illnesses. Insurance, really great insurance at that, is pretty important to the family.

I also need my outlets. I need to be creative and make things with my hands. Even stupid projects will give me some joy and accomplishment. I want to make sure that there is time for play as well in the coming year.

What I would like to see…

The short version of this is… Put in place a system where work can be work times and life can be fully enjoyed. Make time to put the pieces in place for the future that we are trying to build while finding unstructured time for creativity and mental recharge.

Ideal outcomes…

  • Better sleep
  • Health back in alignment
  • Work structure in place for growth and freedom to take on other challenges.
  • Time off planned and kept on the books.
  • Time in the wood shop making things.
  • Time away with the family

What is the plan?

I’m putting certain pieces in place to help guide me in this journey. Certain automation, reminders for the first part of getting more sleep. But also putting in place the structure in my calendar, my meetings that I take, the work that I take on, and the structure of the team in 2023 that will help enable me to get things back into where they need to be.

Let’s do this!

I’m going to put this in here again because it rings true now more than ever.

A wise man named Bob Byrnes once said…

Whatever you do in your life, you have to work really damn hard to make it special.

Time to go to make it special.