2020 - Year of Renovation

I’ve been a listener of several shows on Relay.fm for a while now but finally got around to checking out Cortex. One of the big things that they do on the show for the past several years are themes. They are not goals or resolutions, but more things you want to do in a certain amount of time frame. Some are yearly but not necessarily starting on January 1st. Check out episode 95 to get some background on it and the types of themes that they take on.

Go on… take a listen… this post will still be here.

Now that you have that background, I think I can summarize my goals into the Year of renovation. Why renovation? Am I changing my house? yes… to an extent. My wife threw out an idea that is going to take shape in several of my goals. But because the goals are much more nebulus than just hitting a certain number, I think renovation can be applied to how I eat, how I act, how I look as well.

So I’m not giving up on the goals, but applying this theme to the year and seeing which one makes more sense as we go through the year.

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