2020 Goals

Feels like the same type of thing happening again this year as last year. Reviews galore at work and a lot of self reflection on how things went. Time to put into words what I want to work on personally over 2020. Let’s start the decade off right.

  • Get nutrition back in check - This is really a weight goal that I have for this, but this has been going on for far too long. I’ve struggled to keep the weight off. I need to get back to a weight that I can still have my fluctuations, but not get too out of whack. And quite honestly, it comes down to nuturition. I eat way too damn much. I need to start making better choices and consuming less junk. I’m going to figure out some better habits in the new year with drinking better choices, and eliminate some of the unfortunate snacking that I do throughout the day.

  • Take up a new hobby For a while I have had some thoughts on some things that I could get into. I think I have an idea to learn a new skill that could challenge me intellectually while feeding the creative juices. I’m hoping I can make this happen this year. I’m not going to fully disclose what it is at this time as it may change as the year goes on slightly.

  • Make something new each quarter - Not sure what to say around this one exactly on what it will actually be as I don’t have projects in mind at the moment.. But I want to make more things that are not digital. Woodworking sparked some interest this last year so I’d like to explore that some more. At the end of the year, I’m hoping I can say I did this or that and made something a bit more tangible. But at the same time, I’m sure there will be some technology sprinkled in on some of these projects.

Keeping it simple once again. I have enough on my plate with regular life and chasing around three boys, spending time with the big boss, and keeping everything in check at work. Here is a to a new decade and new opportunities!

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