It is just another day. But I’ve officially passed the 46th trip around the sun.

Why is this one important. Its not a round number that people get excited about like 30 or 40 or …. Yikes…50!

This one for me is the start of a 10 year countdown. I have a stretch goal that I’m not sure is even feasible, but its important to dream, to drive, to move forward. My goal quite simply is to retire when I’m 55. Today marks the 10 year milestone until I get to that deadline.

Can I make it, probably not. But I’m going to keep moving towards that goal. How I’ll get there is smart investing with our financial advisor. Other ways are to be advantageous in my career. To get uncomfortable with my skills and learn new things.

It is lofty, it is probably not going to happen, but I’m going to do my best to get there.