2020 Mid Year Checkin

What a freaking year this has been. Shit show might be the better term for it. Pandemic, conspiracy theories, race riots, and its an election year. Every time I think it can’t get any worse, somehow the shit show gets renewed for another month.

But as with tradition, its time for the mid year checkin on the annual goals and this year, theme.

Theme update

The theme we’ll address first. This is a year of renovation. I think that one is pretty clear that it is happening. Kind of forced to happen but it is happening. I’m working at home full time which has had a variety of effects on the body, mind and soul. Some for the better, some for the much worse. My health has been fairly in check. I’ve been healthy, lost weight. But some of my habits are getting the best of me. My sleep is atrocious, some of my work hours are getting longer and longer. The overall net effect of all of this has been positive from the fact that I’m around more to help out with the kiddos, I’m losing weight, and work has been hyper focused on only a few things. The second half of this year could setup some major renovations on the career front as well.

Goals Update

  • Get nutrition back in check - This is where the pandemic has been a good thing. I’ve had to physically distance myself from the culinary team at the site. This was the source of a lot of over eating. So far this year, I’m down around 12 pounds to far this year. We eat pretty healthy here at home and my portion control is definitely back in check.

  • Take up a new hobby Definitely working on something big for the house. This is an idea that my wife had for floor to ceiling cabinets and bookshelves. Its nearing completion and I should have an update in a few weeks on the progress.

  • Make something new each quarter - This I can honestly say I’m probably not doing. The pandemmic, focus on work, has made my free time either in the garage building something, or watching youtube videos. My motivation to create anything else just hasn’t been there.

Final thoughts…

This has been a wild ride of a year. Some things have gotten better in a few small areas for me personally. The family is holding up for now. We just need to get through one more surgery and then figure out what school will look like this fall for the family. Keep hanging in there people. Its been bumpy, but we can get through this.

One more thing…

Don’t be an asshole and wear a damn mask!

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