2019 Goals Review

Its that time of the year again. Let’s see how I ended up the year on my goals. I think its important to both list out the successes, and failures, publicly. Its about accountability and I think a little transparency helps people understand some of the struggles that we all have and how we are trying to make ourselves better. So let’s get started.

  • Drop the next 10 lbs - FAIL! I’d like to say I knocked this one out of the park with my successes at the beginning of the year. But, I cannot say that is true. I was down a full 10 lbs at one point. But then work got the better of me with not doing enough working out and a LOT of eating. reCharge helped until it didn’t. The last week was a bit rough with a family reunion and then a trip out to California to see a buddy. We may have enjoyed ourselves a little too much out there with food and booze. The end of the year didn’t help spending a week in the hospital with my son fighting RSV. I stress ate and didn’t take care of myself like I should have. These are reasons, not excuses, to why I didn’t make this goal. If anything, right now I’m right back where I started from. I’m going to get there and try some different things for 2020 around this goal.

  • Make something - ACCOMPLISHED!!! This is a goal that I have talked about before and took on during my reCharge. Between a day bed for my son and refinishing some chairs, I really enjoyed this work. I hope to build out more of the shop next year and take on some additional projects. Pictures have been included of some of the projects from this summer.

  • Automate - PARTIAL SUCCESS! This is kind of a half credit. I’ve messed around with shortcuts in Apple’s iOS to solve some automation opportunities like letting the big boss know when I’ll be home. Lately I’ve kicked off a project to get a bot created in Facebook Messenger to help me organize a few things. This will be something that I will release to the public once I have it a little more baked. Right now it is in extreme beta form. This isn’t where I want it to be and I’ll be putting some specific goals around this for 2020.

  • Blog more - ACCOMPLISHED I had a pretty good start in 2019 compared to 2018. I’ve continued this though not as much as I would have liked. I’ll continue to make stuff, put out things I’ve learned and talk about projects that I’m working on in 2020. Its good to be writing more again.

Overall, with everything that happend in 2019, I can look back and say I had fun, learned a few things, and accomplished things both personally and professionally. There were challenges, I wasn’t always my best, but I’m getting better and trying to improve. After all, I have 3 boys looking up to me.

reCharge Build Projects

New chair seats

New chair seats New chair seats

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