I’m very fortunate to work for the company that I do. One of the benefits that you get after being with the company for 5 years is a reCharge period of 30 calendar days off fully paid. This is a HUGE benefit and one that I’m very happy they have in place. After 5 years, you realize the toll the job can take on you. I’ll fully admit, at the end of last year my projects were plentiful, my team was growing, and the challenges we were tackling were pretty challenging. Thus… I was starting to get a little burned out. Luckily I had a few days off at the beginning of the year to put things back into persepective for me. Spending that time with your son in the PICU fighting RSV has a tendency to do that. You realize how lucky you are to have the insurance that you have. But… Time away is important to charge up the batteries. Without this, I’m not sure where my head would be necessarily.

What am I going to do?

Well, for one, not worry about work! Out of office is set, various bots are in place to protect IM from bothering me. I even disabled email and calendar syncing on my phone. This should be a full disconnect from the place so I can actually come back rested and ready to go.

What I do have planned for this time off from work is a trip with the family for a few days. I have some things to build at the house which means some good sawdust therapy. And then a trip out to California on my own to visit a friend I haven’t seen near enough since the boys were born.

I’m hoping to write some more. Read some more books. But mainly, I’m looking forward to unplugging from the day to day of the company. If the site goes down, its not my fault ;)

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