2019 Goals - Mid Year Check-in

Well, we’re at the mid year, so let’s see where we have gotten with our goals for the year.

  • Drop the next 10 lbs - I joined a group of Rockin Dad (our Facebook Down Syndrome Group) to do a weight challenge. It was slow and steady work, but I’ve almost accomplished this one. As of June 14th the last day of the competition, I lost a grand total of 8.3 pounds. It doesn’t hurt that I was away from work and the delicious breakfasts for a month on reCharge.

  • Make something - This is a goal that I also took on during my reCharge creating a day bed for my son. I’ll be working up a post in the near future on this project so stay tuned there. In the mean time, you can see some pictures below. We’ve also refinished some chairs that had a caned seat on them that were in bad shape. I put a new seat on them with some padding that turned out pretty nice. You can see some of the projects below. I’m hoping to continue work on this one building out a closet for the twins and working on building and organizing my shop. Hopefully picking up a few more tools to play with as the year goes on.

  • Automate - I haven’t done much on this front. Need a lot of work here on what all I can put in place. For the time being, its mainly small things like adding more skills to Alexa to make the day a bit easier.

  • Blog more - Just based on the posts from 2018 where I had 4 posts, I’m already ahead from where I was a year ago. I hope to keep this trend up throughout the rest of the year.

So far, so good. Just have to keep up the consistency and I can hopefully drop more weight, keep making things and build out my shop a bit more, automate all the things and you’ll hear about it all here.

reCharge Build Projects

New chair seats

New chair seats New chair seats

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