White House Prankster

There has been some press recently about a “prankster” that duped several senior White House officials into replying to and acting on emails sent to their accounts that they believed were from son-in-law Jared Kushner. You can find more details in this CNN article.

What’s the big deal

LOL what’s the big deal with this. The administration is not known for thier strong use of technology or email in general. Trump doesn’t have time for that so he’s terrible at it right? Why would we expect his staffers to be any better?

While true, I don’t expect them to be any better. But some common skills are important here.

If I’m a hacker, this is valuable information to me. This is an attack vector on the administration and the US

If you don’t think this matters, think about how many times we heard about Hillary’s email. It was all about email and the security practices around it. Then, once Trump gets into the job, his team is shown to have the same level of carelessness and inpcompetence.


I’m sure that there are many out there that are seeing this as an article by CNN so surely its a fake news story to bring down the administration. And all I have to say to that is, seriously? NOT ALL NEWS IS FAKE!!! CNN, FOX, MSNBC all have their share of opinion pieces. I get that and you should too. But there are stories that are not in the editorial section. Stories that report facts, dispute lies and share the knowledge. But so we can be fair and balanced, check out the foxnews story on this as well.

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