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I posted this on Facebook for all those that are friends with me there. But I think it needs a formal place here on the blog…the announcement of the twins born on 8/8/2016

With a triumphant roar, the Patterson boys came into this world on 88. Evan Michael lead the way at 10:32am coming in at 5lbs 9oz and measuring 18 inches. His brother Andrew Douglas gave mom a bit more trouble and made a fashionably late appearance at 11:16 after an emergency c-section. Topping his brother in size at 19 and a quarter inches and 5lbs 11 oz. Both are adjusting to all the new found space and momma is recovering well.

Now for the stuff we know about the boys. Specifically Evan. Evan has a few challenges other than being incredibly good looking like his father. We knew going in that he had a heart issue that will eventually need to be repaired surgically. We knew it was also a sign of Down syndrome which he has. He’s being monitored closely and doing good. Evan is surrounded with a loving family and we’re sure he’ll adjust to all the nurses flirting with him. Oh and did we mention they are both absolutely stealing our hearts?

Blair and I are extremely happy and equally exhausted. We appreciate all the love and support we’ve received from family and friends. We look forward to you meeting the twins and I’m sure Nolan will love to show them off.







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