vExpert 2013

Finally dug out of the past couple of weeks to do some writing and I have a bunch of stuff to talk about. Hoping to have several posts here in the next week or so.

One of the big events that has happened over the last week is that I was selected as one of the vExperts for 2013. I’m honored to be one of the selected members for this year and truly grateful for the recognition.

What is a vExpert

A vExpert is someone that has applied or been nominated by their peers through the vExpert program from VMware. This person has demonstrated a passion for virtualization and has given back to the community in a number of ways. From public speaking, blogs, twitter feeds, VMUG participation, and various other things that all equal up to sharing the knowledge.

You can see a full list of the 2013 awardees here

So…what now?

Nothing has really changed in what I’ll be doing. I’ll still be giving back as I always have whether I had been honored with this or not. But I will say, there are some nice perks with the gig. Free training from TrainSignal, a nice personalized shirt from Tintri, A personalized pint glass from Nutanix, and of coarse some beta licenses and early information from VMware.

So if anything, I’ll be encouraging more people to apply next year. Remember, the award is based on the efforts you do the year before. Seeing as 2013 is already half over, people that want to apply next year have 6 months to really show off their stuff for the 2014 class.

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