WWDC Predictions Follow UP

Well, the keynote was today at noon CDT, let’s see how I did.

1. The standard stats of how well the iPhones and Apps are selling Yup, got those. And they were impressive! Something along the lines of 50,000 apps, over 1 billion app downloads and somewhere in the range of 40,000,000 iPhones and iPod Touches. Nice!

2. iPhone 3.0 will be released with availability right away for iPhones. Once again iTouches will get the $20-$30 shaft. (Seriously Apple, why do you treat them like second class citizens?) Ok, I was off but only by a little. 3.0 will be available on June 17th. That’s pretty damn close in my book. Once again iPod touch users get the shaft. $9.95 I believe was the upgrade price. C’mon Apple, this is bullshit. They paid for the hardware and updates just like everyone else.

3. Snow Leapard will get a July release date with kick ass Exchange/AD support. I was close again. We knew that there would be kick ass Exchange support in Mail, Contacts and iCal. But we have to wait until September for the update. The good thing is, it will only cost us $29!

4. # No netbook…again! The bloggers will cry party foul. Even CNN will get in on how much Apple has disappointed the rumor mill. I was right, no new netbook. Sure new laptops, but none the ultra portable netbook/tablet everyone is drooling over. I haven’t CNN knock them yet, but its coming.

5. One more thing….Steve Freaking Jobs. He comes out, stock jumps 10 points. No Jobs, No ‘One more thing’, and the stock dropped $0.82 today.

Sure, I picked out some easy predictions. But as a mac/iphone user, there is a lot on the horizon that I am excited to get my hands on. Heck, its midnight and I’m working on finishing up the 3.0 GM install on my phone now =)

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