Some people need a beating…

OK, I get people wanting to stand up for their rights, but from the very beginning, this guy was an arrogant asshole. He has no respect for authority. He was abusive and non cooperative when asked simple questions. He deserved to be detained.

Now, the person stating he has no rights at a checkpoint is NOT cool. But I still think he was an ass and deserved a thumping. And that’s just listening to the first 5 minutes of the video.

The reason that this blew up and the reason that he was detained is by not answering a few simple questions and being an ass, he instantly raised suspicion that he was doing something illegal. If he had played it cool, I’m sure he would have been through the checkpoint in under a minute without them ever needing to check his trunk or anything else. But because he was abusive and non-cooperative, he was detained. I’m not saying that the border patrol agents were perfect here. But some people are just idiots and need a good beating with the clue-by-four!

NOTE: I do _NOT_ agree with the title of the video. I think it should have been ‘Dumbass makes a fool of himself to a federal agent!’

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