VMworld Announcements

The big day for VMware admins around the world is here with the first day of VMworld 2013. Kicking off the conference (besides the pre-parties) is the keynote given by the CEO of VMware, Pat Gelsinger. The big announcements from the keynote are: VMware vSphere 5.5 As rumored, we didn’t see vSphere 6, but there were several enhancements here that caught my eye. A new VM version which now supports better vGPU and more device support (more disks per VM).

VCP-IaaS Exam Experience

This morning, I passed the VCP-IaaS exam making me an official VCP-Cloud. Overall, I found the test to be a nice add-on to the VCP5 test that I took back in 2011 and not as hard as I was expecting it to be. Don’t get me wrong, you have to know your stuff. But I think of all the tests that I’ve taken from VMware, this one was more in line of what you would encounter on a day-to-day basis as a vCloud Administrator which is what I think certification tests should be rather than pure memorization of the admin guides.

vCloud – Licensing error while accessing vSphere Profile-Driven Storage

Recently I was spooling up a dedicate cluster of hardware for a customer in our vCloud environment. It’s a smallish cluster of 5 hosts with a dedicated pool of storage. Nothing out of the ordinary here. Created the DRS/HA Host Cluster. The storage guys had already done the various zoning and disk LUN creation so that was added to the cluster and tagged it with a User Defined Storage Capability.

Host Missing from vCloud Interface

We’re currently running a little in house beta at the office of vCloud 1.5.0. The testing has been going on for a while and recently I had to do something I didn’t want to do, but had a nice learning experience for me so I thought I would share. We have two UCS blades running in our vCloud environment giving us a nice healthy test bed to play in. For another maintenance in our VMware environment, I had to steal one of these blades to be used in another cluster to add some resources temporarily.

vCloud: Org Url Not Found

We’ve recently been setting up vCloud 1.5 in the office and so far we like what we’ve been seeing. During the install, we did run into a bit of an issue when we set the API urls. On our first attempt we didn’t set them and had issues uploading media. You’d think that the two would be unrelated. You’d first think that you had a permissions issue on the file system somewhere right?