vCloud: Org Url Not Found

We’ve recently been setting up vCloud 1.5 in the office and so far we like what we’ve been seeing. During the install, we did run into a bit of an issue when we set the API urls. On our first attempt we didn’t set them and had issues uploading media. You’d think that the two would be unrelated. You’d first think that you had a permissions issue on the file system somewhere right? Wrong-o-bucko! What you need to do is set the API url in Administration > Public Addresses. Uploading media apparently uses it.

Another issue that we ran into after we set the urls was that when we went to an org URL of say, we got a Org Not Found message. A huge thanks to Dave Hill for this FAQ that solved the issue for us. Here’s the part in particular that saved us some time.

vCloud Director: Org URL Not Found

Q. In vCD, I created an org and the org URL comes up as https://cloudURL/org/tenantOrg. However, attempting to access this Org URL results in an HTTP ERROR: 404 NOT_FOUND error. How do I resolve this problem?

A. Append “/cloud” to the vCD public URL in the VCD public URL setting under the System/Administration/System Settings/Public Addresses.

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