COVID - Two Year Anniversary

Today is officially two years of working from home for the pandemic. Did we ever think we’d get to this point? Two years later and still dealing with the pandemic? Many of us still working from home, some back in the office. But safe to say, its been a shit show of a ride. There is little light at the end of the tunnel and it appears that we might finally, maybe, possibly, getting to the end of this thing.

500 Days

I remember it pretty clearly, walking out one day with my boss and the question from him was basically… “Are we really going to lock this place down for this?”. We of coarse did…as much as we could as we still had to keep the lights on. We went down to essential staffing and for the most part, I’ve been working from home for 500 days total. This isn’t all work days, this is actual calendar days since 3/17/2020 when I started the lock down.