There has been a lot of buzz going around about delicious being phased out as a yahoo product. Well, we can’t say for sure that it will go away, but you can pretty much guarantee they are not going to focus any more development time into the product. And quite frankly, that may not be a bad thing. Competition has popped up in PinBoard. But I would argue that bookmark competition has been around for a long time.

The convenience of the internet

I recently ordered tickets online for a Broadway show that’s coming into town this fall. I was expecting the price to be fairly pricey seeing as this is a pretty hot show and its the first time that it is coming to our town. There are some fees that I don’t really care about. Restoration Fees to keep the facility looking nice and operating well is fine by me. However, $4.

Is there really that much money in it?

Disclaimer: I’m not a Comcast subscriber, but I play one on TV Comcast has me scratching my head. A friend of mine pointed out the following post on the Comcast goofiness. For a long time now they have been messing with DNS and if you happen to screw up and look up a site that does not exist in DNS, you get the Comcast ad page. Many of the tech savvy folks out there simply got around that by putting up their own caching server or using opendns.

40 never looked better

Happy Birthday to the RFCs. The RFCs (Request For Comment) are the a documents published by the IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force) describing the behaviors to the various internet protocols. Basically, these documents make up how the internet should work. Should being a very important word here. Many programmers are either too lazy to properly implement them or there are some companies that like to embrace, extend and often break the RFCs.

XCode Errors

By trade, I’m a PHP/C programmer and rarely have time to really work on some fun stuff at home. But recently, I have been trying to spend some more time working on some fun projects and getting my hands dirty with XCode and the iPhone SDK. I recently downloaded the latest and greatest version of XCode and overwrote the beta versions I had been running with before. The installation went fine and I decided I would load up one of the demo apps to make sure that everything was indeed still working as I expected.