XCode Errors

By trade, I’m a PHP/C programmer and rarely have time to really work on some fun stuff at home. But recently, I have been trying to spend some more time working on some fun projects and getting my hands dirty with XCode and the iPhone SDK.

I recently downloaded the latest and greatest version of XCode and overwrote the beta versions I had been running with before. The installation went fine and I decided I would load up one of the demo apps to make sure that everything was indeed still working as I expected.

Unfortunately, I was greeted with this:

XCode Error

I know, pretty clear what that error is right?

If you’re new to XCode as I am, you were probably scratching your head thinking this is really messed up. The console logs didn’t make it much clearer so I figured that something got messed up during the installation. Since I had been running the beta version before, I must have missed something in the instructions or a check box in the installation that is not causing an issue.

I tried un-installing the iPhone SDK and re-installing to see if that fixed the problem…no luck there.

I tried removing the /Developer directory and re-installing. Still no luck.

I re-applied the 10.5.5. update as I had a few issues with it when I originally installed it. Then I removed the /Developer directory again and re-installed the iPhone SDK. STILL no luck.

At this point I was starting to think that I had some library that was b0rked beyond reason and the only easy way to take care of the issue was to blow away the machine and re-install.

Luckily, I happned to find this post.

Simply removing the Info.plist from my root folder on the hard drive solved the issue.

What a freaking pain in the ass it was to find that simple solution. Thanks to Google and some helpful coders on the internet, I’m happily playing around with iPhone development.

Hopefully this blog post will return the favor or at least get their page a higher rank so others can resolve this issue if they run into it.

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