Prediction Fail

Its safe to say, my prediction on the Verizon event was completely wrong. Verizon announced the iPhone4 for their network today. So, will you be switching? Personally, I’m going to be waiting a bit since I just upgraded to the iPhone4 when it was announced. When the wife and I get closer to our contracts, I have a feeling that I will be a Verizon customer. Hopefully LTE will be out by then in Des Moines.

Windows 7 Failure?

So I was checking out CNN today and I found this article titled Mac share grew after Windows 7 debut. In the article, you’ll see some gems such as this: If Microsoft (MSFT) was hoping that the launch of Windows 7 would halt the erosion of its operating system market share — and curb further inroads by Apple (AAPL) — there is no evidence that it’s working yet. In fact, preliminary data released overnight Sunday by Net Applications show Mac OS X’s Internet share growing by 2.

AppStore – Happy Birthday!

Wow, the app store is only one. Seems like it should be older with 50,000 apps in the store. Impressive work Apple! Apple has put together a special link to celebrate some of the top apps of the past year. Speaking of iPhone Apps… stay tuned for an announcement in the next week concerning a side project that I have been working on. We have some big plans in the works.

WWDC Predictions Follow UP

Well, the keynote was today at noon CDT, let’s see how I did. 1. The standard stats of how well the iPhones and Apps are selling Yup, got those. And they were impressive! Something along the lines of 50,000 apps, over 1 billion app downloads and somewhere in the range of 40,000,000 iPhones and iPod Touches. Nice! 2. iPhone 3.0 will be released with availability right away for iPhones. Once again iTouches will get the $20-$30 shaft.