2019 Goals

I’ve been doing nothing but reviews at work and setting goals before that. Time for my personal goals for the year.

  • Drop the next 10 lbs - This is a carry over from 2018 where I didn’t do near as well as I would have liked. A big portion of that is how I have been eating. So this yaer, I’d like to get down 10lbs+, eat better and hopfully it can help with energy levels. With 3 boys at home, 2 of which are getting even more active as they grow, its getting harder to keep up .

  • Make something - Not sure what to say around this one exactly on how to measure it. I want to make more things that are not digital. Woodworking sparked some interest this year so I’d like to explore that some more. At the end of the year, I’m hoping I can say I did this or that and made something a bit more tangible.

  • Automate - I’d like to make a goal of automating something new every month. Bonus points for sharing it out to the world on what I did and why. This can be something as simple as getting some new lighting working to getting something fun sent via a text message every day.

  • Blog more - I’m doing some interesting things so I’d like to blog a lot more than I have in the past couple of years. I’m not going to go crazy with a post a day. But I’d like it to be a goal of 1-2 times a month to post something out. This would be a HUGE increase in the past year of 4 posts, 3 of which were about goals!

I’m going to keep it simply with 4 goals again for the new year. They’re all attainable with some work. I have some unpublished stretch goals for a few of them. All of these are about making myself a bit better each and every day. Let’s kick the shit out of the year.

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