2018 Goals Review

Another year, another time to see how we did on the goals for the year. Not going to lie, this one may be rough.

  • Bot Up! - This was an idea to get a bot out the door. Safe to say, I did not the find the time to get this out the door. Kids, work, and other things got in the way of having some time in my night hours to work on some things that I wanted to work on. This is a nice to have, I have a lot of things that I’d like to write. But when you get done picking up the house and finally getting a chance to sit on the couch at 9 at night. My motivation to do anything else is pretty low.

  • Sleep - I definitely improved on this one over the coarse of the year. With my sleep averaging just over 6 hours at the beginning of the year to around 6:45+ by the end of the year. While not a full 7 hours a night, definite improvement here. I accomplished this a couple of ways. Trying to not do as much on the computer late at night. Watching more Netflix or playing a video game to unwind. Also, I use an app called Sleep++ that allowed me to set a sleep reminder to go to bed so time wouldn’t slip away from me. Giving myself a pass on this one since I improved and definitely got farther along. Still not great, but not going to lose any sleep over it ;)

  • Drop the next 10 lbs - FAIL! Oh man, big time fail on this one. I was down about 6-7 lbs, then fall came. Some lack of running, some extra stress, and some bad eating habits snuck in. I’m about where I was the year before when I set this goal. I’ve thought about joining a weight loss group and putting some money on the line. Part of this is I just need to eat better over 2019.

  • Drink more water - I started off the year tracking this effort but quickly drew tired of drinking, tracking the data… it just becamse too much. So while I don’t have a solid number on this effort, I definitely have been drinking more. It helps that my favorite vitamin water is not in the snack cooler.

2 out of 4, about average for what I normally acccomplish. Check back tomorrow to see what goals I set for 2019

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