2018 Goals - Mid Year Check-in

Its the middle of the year and we just finished up the heavy lift of our half reviews at work. Lots of peer, self and upward reviews being written before we dive into final rating discussions. Its a busy time of the year but also a really good time for us to check in and see how we are doing. So let’s see where we are at with my personal goals.

  • Bot Up! - I haven’t kicked off the messenger bot yet. But I’ve been doing some proof of concept coding on an idea I have. This is the ground work for what will hopefully be the core engine that will feed the bot project.

  • Sleep - Meh. I’m still pretty solid in the 6.5 range for sleep. I’m tracking it and setting better reminders to get myself to sleep earlier.

  • Drop the next 10 lbs - LOL… nope. I was down a solid 4 for a while but that has creeped back up. Working on it with more consistent blocks on my calendar for running at lunch. This will hopefully help.

  • Drink more water - Definitely hitting this one. Its been a lot of vitamin water as of late, but has kept my hydrated.

Lots of work still do to on these goals. But its progress which is the key.

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