2017 Goals Review

Another year down, another chance to review what I’ve accomplished for the year.

  • Solve a Rubik’s Cube in under 3 minutesFAIL - I was pretty active in trying to get this one accomplished at the beginning of the year. Even got down to a pretty consistent resolution on the cube itself, just didn’t have the time to get fast at it. Unfortunately, my schedule and work load pushed this one to the back burner and really haven’t touched it in close to 6 months.

  • Run 365 miles this year - SUCCESS! - Accomplished this one on 12/12/2017 of this year. This was a bit of a concern as I got the mid way mark late in July. Not a good sign for having to catch up. But…I put in a lot of miles over August, September and October to make up for this gap and finished strong. Good weather in the fall really helped out here.

  • Learn Swift - PASS! - Giving myself a pass on this one. I had started taking the iTunes U cclass taught out of stanford which was pretty decent. But I didn’t really have a problem that I was trying to solve. This didn’t really happen until December. That’s when I really dove in and produced an app for just me at the moment. Might get launched. But it solves an issue for me and I can work on my next idea to get pushed out in 2018.

2 out of 3 isn’t bad I guess for the year. I did accomplish a few other things. Work went really well for me this year. Grew my team and was able to make some positive impact as we grew the site.

I also managed to drop close 10 pounds before the holidays over the coarse of the year. I’m up a few since the holidays, but will be looking to shed those soon after the new year. Hoping I can drop another 10 in 2018 and get back to my pre-FB weight.

Happy New Year! Let’s kick the shit out of 2018!

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