2015 Goals Review

Another year and its time to check out the score card on the 2015 goals. This is going to be a rough one folks.


Goal 7 hours.

Actual: 6.5

Grade: C


Goal: a distance race.

Actual: None

Grade: F

Code / Write / Ship!

Goal: Ship something

Actual: None

Grade: F

Make something with my hands

Goal: Make something

Actual: Built a few shelves, added on to the raised garden, created a retaining wall / planting area

Grade: A

Overall, there is a LOT of fail in this review. But…I also did a lot of other stuff this year. Some big stuff, some small. But looking back over the year, it was a good year. While I didn’t sleep as much as I would have liked, it was definitely more than in previous years where I was trying to work a paying job and then work a 2nd job to make it be my full time job. That caused a lot of late nights that I’m still trying to re-program myself from. I’m not a premium FitBit member so I don’t have a down to the minute exact time, but looking through my Fitbit weekly progress reports, it was better than I thought it would be but not over 7 like I had hoped.

Some of the other successes I had this year include:

  • I kept running the entire year and I was able to log just shy of 300 miles (291.3 to be exact). I’m sure if I was training for a big race, this number would be easily doubled. The one thing that I changed towards the end of the year was running before work. It not only got me out of bed and moving, I felt better about my runs on most mornings and the thought of running after putting the kiddo to bed was starting to become a real chore and I was missing runs.
  • Another item on the work out list was the number of steps I’ve taken. I’ve had a fitbit for a full year and I was curious to see how many steps I would take in a year seeing as I average 12-15K steps a day. Well the total with just a few days left of the year is 5,256,960 steps. I was hoping that I could crack the 5 million mark but never set it as a solid goal.
  • Work was also a success. Enough of a success that my wife was able to be a full time stay at home mom which is something that she had been talking about doing for a while but never thought she could make that transition. She still consults a little bit with her former company but has enjoyed being a full time Mom while my son finishes up pre-school before starting full time kindergarten next year.

My 2016 goals will be coming out here in the next day and I have some attainable goals in there that I plan to have a lot less fail on.

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