2015 Goals

Last year was a bit interesting for me with starting a new job so I made no public goals. Sure I had a lot of work related goals that I accomplished. But wanted to keep the personal life on the down low and just ride out the year. It was a year filled with a lot of ups and downs but I’m very grateful to be coming through with good health and a happy life. But that doesn’t mean I can’t accomplish big things in 2015. Here are my public goals….

Sleep – After posting an average sleep rating of 7 hours a night back in 2013, I think my average now is somewhere in the 5.5 – 6 hour range. This needs to improve dramatically or I’m on a short trip to a number of major health issues. The goal this year is to make sure I’m in bed at a decent hour. I think this is doable as a number of things have changed in the last year and side work that I was once pursuing aggressively is something that rarely happens.

Running – I think I’m done with the short stuff for a while. I need a challenge so I want to run one race this year of either a half or full marathon distance.

Code / Write / Ship! – Hey asshole, didn’t you say you were done with coding on the side? Yes I did but this doesn’t mean I can’t mess around with new technology. I want to have more active projects on my github page so the goal here is to code up a few things and release them. Share what I’ve learned even if it is just something for me. I like learning new things and then share them with others.

Make something with my hands I know it sounds cliche, but I like working with my hands. Typing on a keyboard definitely doesn’t do it. I enjoy sawdust, nail guns and wood glue. I want to make something with my hands. Even if it is a complete pile of shit, I at least attempted it, tried to figure it out and hopefully learned something for the next thing I build. I have some ideas for things for the little boss so this is a good goal to have. And hopefully he can help me out along the way.

So there they are for the world to see. Help me accomplish these goals and keep me on track. I want to get 100% this year. Something I have yet to do in all the years of publishing these goals.

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