Mid Year Goals Checkin

Trying to keep myself on track here and the best way to do that is to make sure that I’m writing and checking in on my goals at various points throughout the year. So here is my mid-year goal checking.

Goal #1: Sleep More! 6 months in and still tracking with the help of mercuryapp.com. My average is now 6.92 which is up slightly from my 3 month mark of 6.86. So we’re trending in the right direction. Goal is still 7 hours a night.

Goal #2: Time for family – Check and check. Still on track here.

Goal #3: Ship Code. No progress here. Still want to knock this out before fall.

Goal #4: 5×5. 2 down, 1 scheduled for July and 2 more that I’m looking at for the end of the summer / fall timeframe. I had a small goal of 100 miles in Q2 and beat and then some.

Goal #5: Top Secret. Still top secret. But I came really close to making this one here in the past month. Hopefully by the end of summer I can get this one nailed.

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