2011 Goals

I only hit 50% on my 2010 goals and I’m looking to improve on that in 2011. So here we go, let’s do this.

  • I’m a new Dad so I want to make sure that I keep my #1 goal from last year. I want to be around for Nolan so the main goal for me is to continue to work less. I know its a repeat goal, but I think its pretty important to keep the work / life balance in check. Goal #1: Continue to work less.
  • While being a new Dad has a bunch of challenges, one of the biggest ones has been the lack of sleep. The little boss has been getting a lot better about sleeping through the night so my reliance on caffeine should be a lot less. Hopefully, I can replace some various carbonated beverages with water.

    Goal #2: Drink more water..

  • My side business is still mainly a hobby for me. And while I will make it my sole source of income in the future, for the time being I can keep it as it is. One change I want to make this year is to ship code. I’ve had a bunch of ideas for iPhone apps, just haven’t found the time to get things out the door. Goal #3: Ship Code

  • One thing that is nice about a blog is that you can update it whenever you want. You can also ignore it for weeks on end. One thing that I would like to change this year is to write more. I want to learn things just to learn about them again whether they are technical things, new code ideas, or just something that I find interesting completely unrelated to computers. Strong writers are strong communicators. Strong communication is key for both your personal life as well as your career. Goal #4: Write a new blog article every week.

  • My last goal is probably very similar to a lot of New Year’s resolutions that are made but rarely accomplished. Its not that I’ve gotten fat. Not by a long stretch. But I have a sliding +/- for my weight. As long as I’m plus or minus 5 from X, I feel pretty good about where I am at. And I’m in that range, just been living a little bit on the higher side of my scale. So, in order to lower that, I’m going to commit to running more distance races this year. That should keep me in a certain fitness level that will allow me to stay in my range. Goal #5: Run in 3 5k races

So there you have them. My goals for 2011. I’m feeling pretty good about everything that I have on there. I think that I can do it all. Its just a matter of putting my mind to it, balancing out my time and putting in the hard work.

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