2010 Goals Review

Well, its 2011 so that means its time to review my goals for 2010 and set some new ones. This post will be focused solely on reviewing 2010.

  • Goal #1: work less – SUCCESS! I think that 2010 proved that I could be more productive at the office without putting in a lot of nights and weekends. My boss recently gave me the permission to say No! which has been huge for my productivity. I’m hoping that this current work environment continues through 2011. The future is exciting!
  • Goal #2: 2 in 12. – FAIL! This was my running goal and while I did run more this year, I didn’t hit my goal. The best that I did when I was running quite a bit this summer was 1.5 in 9. 1 in 6 happened a few times but I couldn’t make it to 2 miles in 12. I was more commonly a 8 miler man honestly and it was only when I really really REALLY pushed myself did I hit those numbers. And to be honest, it was stupid when I did push myself like that. I always paid the price and couldn’t run for crap the next couple of times out. Nolan coming along kind of killed my endurance as I didn’t exercise nearly enough. But I’m turning that around.
  • Goal #3: the 5 hour work week.– FAIL! I didn’t put in 5 hours a week, but I did do quite a bit better on the side business. More hours before Nolan but he’s falling into a nice pattern which is making it easier to dedicate that one hour back again.
  • Goal #4: Inbox Zero! – FAIL yeah, not even close on this one.
  • Goal #5: read one book a month. – SUCCESS! While it doesn’t seem like it, I read quite a bit this year. Maybe not every book all the way through, but a good majority of just about every baby resource I could get my hands on. A lot of them were fairly short and not near enough fiction books. But still, I call this one a success.
  • Goal #6: Stop checking email first thing in the morning. – SUCCESS! I think it goes with #1 but I have definitely stopped checking things first thing in the morning. Maybe not as much now that Nolan is around and I need to pass the time while he sits up and falls asleep (typically) after his morning bottle.


It wasn’t a steller year, but still fairly successful as far as my goals went. While I fell short in quite a few areas, I did better than I expected while failing. I’ll live with 50% and look to improve this year. Onto 2011!

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