Nolan James Patterson

Its hard to really put into words how proud of my wife I am. She has given me a gift that I can never thank her enough for, a handsome baby boy. Nolan James Patterson was born on September 18th at 9:47PM. Weighing in a 7lbs and 1oz and a whopping 20 inches long. Ok, maybe not that whopping, but still a decent height to him.

So, as a good father, I promise to raise my son to learn all the important things. Things such as:

  • How to count in binary
  • How to compile a new kernel
  • To root for the Packers
  • How to shoot a wicked wrister
  • How to get to second base with mom (sounds wrong but highly appropriate at this point in his life)

These and many other important life lessons.

And whether you wanted them or not, here are some photos. Enjoy, because I know I am.




You can see all the pictures of Nolan on my Flickr page.

So as every proud new father will tell you, I need some sleep. Later all.

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