Another Goal

I’ve already stated my main 5 goals for 2010. But this morning I realized that I have developed a very bad habit since getting my iPhone a few years back. This is kind of related to goal #1 of work less. But I think it needs to be separated out on its one.

My iPhone serves several functions for me in the morning. Its my alarm, weather station and unfortunately, its my email client. Yup, one of the first things I do in the morning is check my email. Am I getting called by our 247 NOC? If there was something wrong, they would call! So why in the world am I checking first thing in the morning. I don’t need to know that right away. There are more important things to do like eat breakfast, take the dog for a walk, etc. Unless I have an early morning meeting (not recommended for programmers and admins), email just doesn’t need to be in the mix until I get into the office. At the very least it can wait until I have some Cherrios in my belly.

So goal #6: Stop checking email first thing in the morning.

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