The convenience of the internet

I recently ordered tickets online for a Broadway show that’s coming into town this fall. I was expecting the price to be fairly pricey seeing as this is a pretty hot show and its the first time that it is coming to our town.

There are some fees that I don’t really care about. Restoration Fees to keep the facility looking nice and operating well is fine by me. However, $4.75 for the convenience of ordering via the internet?!?! PER TICKET!!!! Are you freaking kidding me! If anything, it should be EASIER for me to order via online. Sure I get that there are costs for hosting, bandwidth and software. But c’mon, that has to be cheaper than additional phone lines, personnel, benefits, overtime, etc.


Behold the convenience of the internet. If it was going to somewhere other than the Civic Center which I know can always use the cash to bring in great shows (and Wicked is GREAT from what I hear!!!), I might be a little more upset. But seeing as this is supporting the performing arts at its highest caliber, I’ll let it slide this time. But good grief!

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