What’s with the freaking winking?

Sarah Palin

I’m terrible at hiding the fact that politician annoy the hell out of me. I didn’t get to see the debates live on TV so when I came home from softball, one of the things that my wife mentioned was all the freaking winking. “It was like it is a damn beauty pageant up there. ”

Now, my wife isn’t exactly the biggest republican fan this time around so I thought she might be a bit biased. I figured she may be reading too much into this and Sarah Palin just rubs my wife wrong.

But, as always, my wife is right. It was freaking annoying.

I don’t want to feel like you’re flirting with me, I want you to freaking LEAD dumbass. Not that I expect Joe Biden to be much of a leader, but at least I don’t think that he’s up there trying to use whatever he has (maybe he is good looking to the older ladies, I don’t know) to get my vote.

Here’s my advice to the people running for the two highest offices in the country.

  • Impress me with your brain. I want to know that you are smart as hell and nothing is going to get by you. I don’t care if it is a military operation, an economic crisis, a natural disaster, funding for our schools, policy on technology and innovation. I want to know that whatever is thrown at you, you’re going to come back with the right answer.
  • Inspire me. I want to know that no matter if the last person was the greatest President that the country has ever known. I want t know that you still believe that there is more that this country can achieve.

Unfortunately, I have yet to find me perfect candidate. Though I have a short list of people I like.

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