Some people need a beating…

OK, I get people wanting to stand up for their rights, but from the very beginning, this guy was an arrogant asshole. He has no respect for authority. He was abusive and non cooperative when asked simple questions. He deserved to be detained.

Now, the person stating he has no rights at a checkpoint is NOT cool. But I still think he was an ass and deserved a thumping. And that’s just listening to the first 5 minutes of the video.

The reason that this blew up and the reason that he was detained is by not answering a few simple questions and being an ass, he instantly raised suspicion that he was doing something illegal. If he had played it cool, I’m sure he would have been through the checkpoint in under a minute without them ever needing to check his trunk or anything else. But because he was abusive and non-cooperative, he was detained. I’m not saying that the border patrol agents were perfect here. But some people are just idiots and need a good beating with the clue-by-four!

NOTE: I do _NOT_ agree with the title of the video. I think it should have been ‘Dumbass makes a fool of himself to a federal agent!’

What’s with the freaking winking?

Sarah Palin

I’m terrible at hiding the fact that politician annoy the hell out of me. I didn’t get to see the debates live on TV so when I came home from softball, one of the things that my wife mentioned was all the freaking winking. “It was like it is a damn beauty pageant up there. ”

Now, my wife isn’t exactly the biggest republican fan this time around so I thought she might be a bit biased. I figured she may be reading too much into this and Sarah Palin just rubs my wife wrong.

But, as always, my wife is right. It was freaking annoying.

I don’t want to feel like you’re flirting with me, I want you to freaking LEAD dumbass. Not that I expect Joe Biden to be much of a leader, but at least I don’t think that he’s up there trying to use whatever he has (maybe he is good looking to the older ladies, I don’t know) to get my vote.

Here’s my advice to the people running for the two highest offices in the country.

  • Impress me with your brain. I want to know that you are smart as hell and nothing is going to get by you. I don’t care if it is a military operation, an economic crisis, a natural disaster, funding for our schools, policy on technology and innovation. I want to know that whatever is thrown at you, you’re going to come back with the right answer.
  • Inspire me. I want to know that no matter if the last person was the greatest President that the country has ever known. I want t know that you still believe that there is more that this country can achieve.

Unfortunately, I have yet to find me perfect candidate. Though I have a short list of people I like.

The Hunt for Bin Laden

Recently, a top Pakistan official has been spouting his mouth off about the US and the hunt for Bin Laden.

Shah Mahmood Qureshi, Pakistan Official, has the following statement, “there are no U.S. or other foreign military personnel on the hunt for Osama bin Laden in his nation, and none will be allowed in to search for the al-Qaida leader.”

I understand that the Pakistan government believes that they have the ability to catch Bin Laden on their own. But he’s been hiding out there for several years with little to no results so far.

I think its time to up the pressure. Let’s cut the bullshit. The message to Pakistan is simple. Bring us Bin Laden, or we’re coming across to get him ourselves.

Your choice.