What’s with the freaking winking?

I’m terrible at hiding the fact that politician annoy the hell out of me. I didn’t get to see the debates live on TV so when I came home from softball, one of the things that my wife mentioned was all the freaking winking. “It was like it is a damn beauty pageant up there. ” Now, my wife isn’t exactly the biggest republican fan this time around so I thought she might be a bit biased.


Are you kidding me? Of all the attention whores that Obama could have picked, he’s #2. Proceeded only by Ted Kennedy. Even Hillary Clinton isn’t as bad as Joe Biden. I think Obama is an inspirational candidate. But I’m not sure that he is going to get my vote and choosing Biden definitely knocks him farther down on my list. Biden is constantly finding the cameras and weighing in his opinion when it really doesn’t need to be heard.