Some people need a beating…

OK, I get people wanting to stand up for their rights, but from the very beginning, this guy was an arrogant asshole. He has no respect for authority. He was abusive and non cooperative when asked simple questions. He deserved to be detained. Now, the person stating he has no rights at a checkpoint is NOT cool. But I still think he was an ass and deserved a thumping. And that’s just listening to the first 5 minutes of the video.

Fairness Doctrine

People like this really scare me: Sen. Debbie Stabenow (D-MI) told nationally syndicated talk host Bill Press this morning that the recent flips of liberal Talk stations in several markets were a “disservice to the public.” Stabenow said that, in the day of the Fairness Doctrine, “you had to have balance,” and continued, “I think something that requires that in a market with owners that have multiple stations that they have got to have balance — there has to be some community interest — balance, you know, standard that says both sides have to be heard.

Keys to the castle

The elections are finally over and we’re finally free from political ads, mailings and phone calls. Obama is headed to the White House and the Democrats have even more control over the House and Senate. But, there’s always a catch. And here it is Democrats. If you have learned anything from the Republicans over the past 8 years it is to not squander your opporunity by doing dumb things. Let’s look at the Republicans a minute and figure out why they are not in power any more.

Stop calling me!

For the love of God, STOP CALLING ME!!! I was once a Democrat. Many many moons ago. I haven’t been a registered anything for over 10 years and I’m pretty happy about that. But unfortunately, the Democratic Party in Iowa thinks I’m still a Democrat and needs to call me. And call often! I’m a Libertarian, get over it. For the past 2 months, I have asked to be removed from the calling lists.

Unqualified Teachers

Unfortunately, I didn’t watch the whole debate. I have it pretty much narrowed down to who I am going to vote for but I still like to watch the two titans spare. I have a lot of respect for both of the major party candidates. But there is one thing tonight that John McCain said that honestly made my head spin. I had to check the transcript of the debate to make sure that I heard it correct.