Stop calling me!

For the love of God, STOP CALLING ME!!!

I was once a Democrat. Many many moons ago. I haven’t been a registered anything for over 10 years and I’m pretty happy about that. But unfortunately, the Democratic Party in Iowa thinks I’m still a Democrat and needs to call me. And call often! I’m a Libertarian, get over it.

For the past 2 months, I have asked to be removed from the calling lists. Nothing has changed. At one point, I started telling them I was voting for the other guy because they couldn’t figure out how to remove me from their list, how could I expect them to run the country.

So far tonight, I have gotten calls from Robo-Obama and I believe it was Robo-Hillary. At least I think it was Hillary as the first part got cut off.

If I get a call from Robo-Pelosi, I’m pulling the phone off the wall and beating the first Democrat I see tomorrow.

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