Keys to the castle

The elections are finally over and we’re finally free from political ads, mailings and phone calls. Obama is headed to the White House and the Democrats have even more control over the House and Senate.

But, there’s always a catch. And here it is Democrats.

If you have learned anything from the Republicans over the past 8 years it is to not squander your opporunity by doing dumb things. Let’s look at the Republicans a minute and figure out why they are not in power any more.

  • Spending is out of control
  • Big Government is getting BIGGER
  • They forgot who they were working for

As a representative, you have one main duty and that is to REPRESENT US. You know, the people that voted for you. You’re not there to make sure that a certain lobbying group gets their text added to a bill or that an earmark gets added to a bailout bill. You’re there to be good stewards of the taxpayers hard earned dollars. You’re there to do what is right for the Country. Not what is right to keep you elected term after term.

So Democrats, let this serve as a warning. If you think that you can spend to your hearts content and roll out every possible solution so the American voter becomes lazy and relies on the Government for everything. You can guarantee that there will be more change in 2 years. And most of you will be finding new jobs.

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