Twisted Lister

Welcome to the help page for Twisted Lister. Here are some things that you can do with it!



Gets you to this help page.


Generate a list of things. First create a bucket to add items to. Absolutely anyting can be tracked. From movies that you want to watch, to how many pushups you did that day. Track away.

If you just give the lists command, it will list out all the lists all ready in the system. If you pass it a name that doesn’t exist, it will create a new one and give you an empty list. After that, list <list name> will give you all the results you have ever tracked.


Track an item on a list. Put something in the list that you have generated.


Now that you are tracking things, feel free to set a goal. This is useful for when you are recording workouts such as miles run, pushups, squats, you name it.

Did you file it? Did you lose it? Search your lists to see what is in there and draw it back up.


Feel free to pull up your last result for a list and we’ll give you the date when you filed it.

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