Customer Service Matters

Recently, our CR-V has developed what can best be describe as a cigarette smell to it after it has been sitting closed up for several hours. The thing is, we don’t smoke. We don’t think that we part near a smoking area so it is rather odd that this smell has started to develop. In an effort to fight this phenomena, I found the location of the cabin air filters, vacuumed them off and attempted to vacuum the chamber that they sit in as best I could.

Freak Snowblower accident!

No, not about me….or Blair. Avalanche captain Joe Sakic will be sidelined at least three months, the team said this morning, after he suffered three broken fingers and tendon damage following an accident at his home involving a snowblower. Sakic underwent surgery with a local hand specialist Tuesday night, the team said. Sakic suffered the injury Tuesday afternoon at his home. Sakic already was on injured reserve with a herniated disc in his back before the snowblower accident.