WordPress Security Concern

I’m not sure if you’ve applied the latest updates for wordpress but I did last week. However, it appears that someone got in to one of the blogs that I manage and created an account for themselves. They didn’t do anything with it, but they DID have full admin access. I’m assuming that this was due to a security bug in 2.8.3 as they were in when that was on the server.

Verisign Spam

Some people never learn. If you spam me, there is a good chance that I WILL mock you on the internet. Sure my site gets all of 2 readers a week, but they will know how big of a jackass you are. Here is the spam that I got from Verisign: —— Forwarded Message From: “Borgches, Sergio” sborgches@verisign.com Date: Thu, 16 Jul 2009 11:39:24 -0500 To: Webmaster Webmaster@lightedge.com Subject: Ineffective EV SSL Certificate on domain: my.

Is there really that much money in it?

Disclaimer: I’m not a Comcast subscriber, but I play one on TV Comcast has me scratching my head. A friend of mine pointed out the following post on the Comcast goofiness. For a long time now they have been messing with DNS and if you happen to screw up and look up a site that does not exist in DNS, you get the Comcast ad page. Many of the tech savvy folks out there simply got around that by putting up their own caching server or using opendns.

Business as usual

Over the past couple of years, I have been able to tolerate Microsoft a bit more than I used to. When your primary income relies on people purchasing Exchange and OCS accounts that you provide the back end provisioning and automation for, you quickly realize where your bread is buttered. But this sort of crap really needs to stop. Yes, its their operating system. But that doesn’t excuse installing add-ons to 3rd party applications and disabling the uninstall options.


Every once in a while one of the LUG lists that I am on decides to have a big dick contest and everyone shows off who has the better uptime. Its actually a way of generating traffic on mailing lists that have greatly suffered any sort of reasonable traffic in a while. Its the same as starting a vi vs emacs flame war. No one really wins, but it always gets people contributing to the list.