What I did on my break

Remember when you went back to school when you were little. What did you do on your summer vacation Billy? Well, I’ve had the last two weeks off for some additional paternity leave and wanted to recap what all I did. More for me than anyone else. Some technical, some definitely not.

  • Played with my Twins… a lot.

  • Played with my oldest son.

  • Painted my son’s room

  • Took my oldest to a movie.

  • Did some minor woodworking modifying a stander for my son.

  • Worked in the yard

  • Cleaned the gutters

  • Ran several longer runs

  • Took some long walks to clear my head

  • Worked on automating some code that I’ve been meaning to automate

  • Worked on a migration plan for a CentOS 5 box

  • Got the VPN working on my Fedora Laptop.

  • Worked on my bot idea.

  • Setup a new git server

  • Explored a new blog engine backend

Overall, it was a pretty relaxing time. Some of the items on there were pretty easy, several were more work than I wanted. But in the end, I got to spend more time with the family, help out my wife and just get away from it all. It was definitely needed, time to plan the next break!

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