RIP Fitbit

I think I’ve come to the end of my Fitbit adventures for a while. My 3rd Fitbit finally bit the dust. I originally got one when we had kicked open the doors of our new data center and wanted to see how much I was walking around the 14 mile long building. To sum it up, its a lot. On average, I was between 5-7 miles a day without even thinking about it.

The good thing about the Fitbit was that it kept me in line to always hit my goal of 10K steps. It made you want to get that little buzz on the wrist knowing that you had accomplished something. But, it also came at a cost. I would find myself going for a walk in the morning when changing up the routine would have been just as effective. Yoga, lifting weights, something else all together. I’m not saying having this goal is a bad thing, its definitely good. But after 2 years, I think I’m ready for a break.

My Fitbit broke in the same fashion as last year around this time. All of a sudden I could see condensation on the screen. Then the strap starting coming apart and it finally ended when I was sitting on the couch and the Fitbit was marking me in and out of a workout ever 1.5 seconds. Then, no more.

RIP Fitbit. You were a good companion but I need to try something new.

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