VMworld 2013 Predictions – Follow Up!

That VMworld went by way too darn quick. So fast that I didn’t get to put up a day 3 and day 4 follow up. There is a lot of cool stuff going on with VMware that many of us will be talking about for years to come. Mainly, NSX, vSAN and vCHS.

But what are we here for, we’re here to see how dead wrong I was with my annual predictions. Here we go.

  1. One Pane of Glass to rule them all Wrong! vSphere won’t be controlling others any time soon. But I did see the vCAC was able to provision to other services such as AWS, Azure, vCHS and OpenStack. Not quite what I was thinking, but its a start. Now, I did see OpenStack being the front end web UI for vSphere / ESX compute. So that was a nice twist and something I’ll be digging into further.

    • vSphere Fat Client Dies I’m giving myself partial credit here. They did release a new version of it, but its limited and will definitely be the last one. One of the big limitations is, if you have a VM with hardware version 10, you can no longer manage it with the fat client. All in all, its dead, start using the web client.
    • HTML5 web console Yes-ish. I think the VMRC plugin now works on mac and they have enabled support for Chrome. So all in all, I think we’re in a better spot here. Not sure if it is true HTML5, but good enough for now.
    • The year of the desktop…according to VMware Wrong! I’m kind of shocked that this wasn’t the presentation on Tuesday.
    • PuppetLabs is features in the keynote. Wrong! They got a mention, but so did opscode’s Chef. More of, you could automation X with Puppet or Chef.

1.5 right out of 5. I think that clearly shows my skills with the old crystal ball. Maybe I’ll have better luck next year.

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