Puppet Error: Could not retrieve local facts: undefined method `kernel_fact_value’

Recently while patching some CentOS boxes in my lab, I noticed the following error.

May  5 13:48:38 puppet-agent[19924]: Could not run Puppet
configuration client: Could not retrieve local facts: undefined method
 `kernel_fact_value' for Facter::Util::Processor:Module

This was a bit odd as one of the things that I will typically do when I see puppet or facter updates in my update list is to run the agent manually with a

puppet agent -t

Since that came back clean, I was a little surprised when I checked into the dashboard later in the day to see nodes failing on me.

Doing a little research into the error led me to the following bug report. The fix for me is pretty simple, restart the agent on the node and everything works itself out. If you had a large environment, this could be really damn annoying having to log into every box since puppet no longer works for you.

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