I void warranties

So the iron went kaput a few weeks ago and we being the modern american consumers went out and bought a new one. They’re highly disposable and an iron is an iron right?


We liked our old iron. It worked great and always produced massive amounts of wonderful steam. The replacement, well, let’s just say it has some areas of improvement. The old iron didn’t completely die either. It simply had a lose connection of some sort and wouldn’t stay powered on for the duration of your ironing. Well, it would stay on right up to the point when you needed to iron and only if you kept the cord really really still. Just what everyone does when they iron, keep really still.

Before officially retiring the old iron, I took some time to check it out and see if I could just open it up and look for a loose connection or something easy that would save us some dough. It should be easy to access the back panel right, maybe a screw or two. Well, sure enough, there are only two screws to get the outside cover completely off, but low and behold if one of them isn’t a damn security screw. No, that’s not a typo. Black and Decker actually put a damn security screw on their iron in an attempt to discourage people like me. Well, I’ve got new for you…its on now bitches!

Seeing as I don’t have a security bit set readily available, I bid my time and the iron stayed on a shelf toying with me. But today, it was fate after a trip to Menards. For $7, I am now fully stocked with a 33 piece security bit set from Snap Tools. The iron was mine to deal with in whatever evil ways I wanted.

The end result is below, the power cord is now roughly 8 inches shorter to remove a suspected short in the wire and I have an iron that turns on and no longer goes off when the cord is wiggled.

Victory is mine!!!

I void warranties

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