Dam to Dam

My 2nd official 5K of the year was the Dam to Dam 5K. One of the largest in the US with 2800 runners. This goes hand in hand with the largest 20K that my wife ran.

Race day was warm and a bit humid with the starting temp nearing 80 at the 9:45 start. Add in the 80%+ humidity and well, you have a day of suck ahead of you. The start of the race was delayed due to a medical emergency so we really didn’t get running until about 10AM. My goal for this race was to finish somewhere in the 25-27 minute range. I had been running a lot more since the first race and felt that a 8 – 8:30 mile range was my new comfort zone. Given the temps, I knew I would be pushing the higher end of the range.

My company has sponsored a few of us with some fancy jerseys for the race. I didn’t see anyone at the beginning of the race but after a mile and a half, I came upon my first LightEdge running. Crabb was slowing a bit but still looking strong as I came up to him. After reaching him and chatting for a brief bit, I saw ahead another fellow LightEdge employee Jacob. He was in the zone and setting a nice pace. I thought I could easily close the 50 meter gap that he had opened up on Crabb. Little did I know it would take me a mile to catch the speed SOB. The last little bit I ran with Jake and the last 100 meters I said, what the hell, let’s blow up this heart thing. And sprinting we went.

My final time was 26:05 (8:24 pace) finishing 201 overall and 22 in my age group. This shaved 2 minutes off my first run of the year so some solid progress so far. I’m pretty happy with this run but I’d like to get one 5K this year under 25 minutes. More work needs to be done!

The Big Boss

My wife ran the 20K and I couldn’t be more proud of her. She was running with the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Team In Training. Her cousin Brandon was diagnosed with Diffused Large B Cell Lymphoma. He’s been kicking cancers ass and will be done with his treatments on Wednesday.

My wife tore up the coarse! For her first distance run and she came in at 2:05:50 finishing 1453 out of 8000. Her goal was to finish upright on her own two legs. She accomplished that and a whole lot more. I couldn’t be happier for her. Check out this very happy woman!

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